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The Sugar Token Economy

Details in the Sugar White Paper

Sugar is allocated to artists and brands to give to fans for performing social and other actions. This initial allocation creates a unique and personal way for brands to recognize, reward, and engage with their fans.

1. Brands Access Sugar

Brands choose what actions to reward, and the value to assign to each action. Actions are presented to fans using an intuitive mobile first interface that lives on the brand's website.

2. Fans Complete Actions

Fans collect Sugar by completing the tasks on behalf of the brands. Sugar transfers from the brand account to the fan account as the actions are completed.

3. Fans Receive Sugar

Fans use Sugar for one-of-a-kind experiential rewards offered by brands in the marketplace, such as online shout-outs, Skype sessions, meet-and-greets, tickets, and swag.

4. Fans Access Rewards

Sugar transfers back to the brand through reward redemptions where it can continue to be used to reward fans for social and other actions.

5. Sugar Returns To Brands

Sugar White Paper

The Sugar reward token powers Sweet’s Social Action Marketplace and has transformed how brands and fans connect and engage in meaningful, rewarding, and personal ways. Brands build their communities, and fans have the engaging, fulfilling experiences they desire while getting directly rewarded for their brand promotion efforts…


Road Map

Details in the Sugar White Paper

January 2016

The Idea

Sweet founders meet up to ponder why loyalty programs have not evolved to keep up with the deepening online and social relationship between brands and fans. Prototyping begins.

May 2016

Sweet Founded

Sweet incorporates and ramps up product and engineering resources. Prototyping moves to requirements, architecture and design.

December 2016

v1.0 Launch – The Social Action Marketplace

Full public launch of the platform’s social engagement actions and 3rd party integrations using siloed reward points. We’re live in the market.

April 2017

First Brands Activated

Nothing tests a platform like real users! The Results are in: fans feel connected, brands feel empowered. Our premise is validated, recognize fans at the micro level and watch them do more.

December 2017

v2.0 Launch – The Platform Tokenized

Sugar tokens activate the social action platform and existing brands are launched on the new digital token. This is the real deal! Sugar provides the utility enabling the platform. Social actions for Sugar, unified fan wallets and a brand reward marketplace, all running on the reward token. Launched Brands receive initial seed allocations of Sugar and fans start collecting. Select buyers can now purchase Sugar.

Future plans 2018 and beyond

Launch The Sweet Companion App

Extend the fan experience into physical event venues or brick and mortar stores with the Sweet companion mobile app for IOS and Android. The app extends the web-based functionality with seamless location services and aggregated fan rewards.

Expand The Ecosystem Meet The Partner API

Our partner API will extend the business use -cases to additional crowd-action functions, distributed task-work, social activism, and micro-content publishing. Build new opportunities by integrating the Sweet platform and Sugar token with your own visualizations and transformative business use-cases.

People Behind the Token

We have been building technology for over 20 years, raised over $200M across our ventures, and have one IPO under our belt. We are highly motivated and humbled to be working so closely with talented and respected artists, professional sports teams, esports, social influencers, retail brands, publishers, entertainment brands, and their passionate fans!


The team behind the Sweet Social Action Marketplace and Sugar


Thanks to the lawyers, consultants, and advisors who helped with Sugar


The team behind the Sweet Social Action Marketplace and Sugar


Thanks to the lawyers, consultants, and advisors who helped with Sugar

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